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Prosonic (not Clarisonic) Cleansing and Exfoliating Brush- USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

on March 9, 2013

Because the old Prosonic Model is no longer in market I am including the updated model below for your reference- original is still below this post!

As you all know I love my first Prosonic Face Cleaning brush tool. It was an affordable alternative to the Clarisonic brush, which I am sure is also great, but I just couldn’t justify it in my head for whatever reason. Then I started getting complaints about people using their Prosonics and the issues they had. Everything from DOA brushes, to explosions. I stuck by my Prosonic, because it still worked and I had no issues, which made me happy, however I wasn’t going to condone further use for others. To be fair most of the Prosonics were just fine, but I think people were also unhappy with the customer service they felt they got (or didn’t get). Again, I personally had a great customer service experience, and had no complaints.


Recently, Prosonic made some MAJOR changes. They released the updated and completely altered Prosonic Glow (aka Prosonic 2) and while many I’m sure are onboard, I know there are some hesitant people out there. Being as I loved my Prosonic, I really wanted to see what the Glow was all about. Just so you all know, (legal disclaimer here) I did receive my Prosonic Glow for promotional use, so that I could do a review on it. However I did ask for it and was not approached to do a review or anything. My soul is worth more than a face wand 😀 Ok. So here it goes.

Umm I love it. I love it more than cheesecake, and possibly more than the bubblegum flavored sparkly cupcakes I get in Vegas, probably not more than my dog though 😀 He’s kinda awesome.

more than this....

more than this….

 Let’s break it down:

The Kit comes with: The wand, 3 brush heads and a pumice head (one for regular, one for sensitive, one for body), a tube of face cleanser, micro exfoliator, and of course the charger.

When it arrived in the mail, it immediately got plugged in. I even got the lavender colored one (not that I would have cared if it was white, but color is so much more exciting….now lime green…if that would have been an option…) I let it charge the full 24 hours (as suggested before use) A few things I would like to note here, the indicator light is nice and bright and a little different than before. It blinks when the unit is charging and stops blinking when it is done. ALSO, one thing I don’t think I mentioned before and it is the same on the new version is that the cradle charger disconnects from the power cord. I love this feature as I have a small bathroom and already too many things in it and the LAST thing it needs is power cords tangling up my toothbrush, flat iron, and deodorant. So it gets charged elsewhere, buuuuuuut I can disconnect and bring the cradle in where it can sit happily on my counter sans jungle vine madness.

Use: The first thing I noticed it how much better the tool itself feels. The rubberized coating feels more durable and expensive, and actually more comfortable. (not that it was bad before) Then I pushed the buttons. Three settings, which are indicated on the handle. I noted more power than before. Yay! I like the high setting, because, well it works for me. Upon bristles to face, I notice something huge, something amazing…like contouring. The brushes hug your face in exfoliating, cleaning-tasticness. Wow. I didn’t think I would notice is that much, but it really, really makes a big difference. Not only does it feel better, but the areas that might have gotten a little left out before (nose creases I’m looking at you) are easier and better cleaned.

Just as before I did the circles all over my face, and it felt grand. You know when you go to the dentist and they clean your teeth, how amazing it feels? You know how you just don’t get that same feeling at home with your normal toothbrush? That’s how this is. It’s the dentist version. My skin was clean and refreshed.

I love subjecting myself to public scrutiny. However, whilst I still have blackheads, I don't have the annoying one that poke out and are really gross. They are much better at the moment

I love subjecting myself to public scrutiny. However, whilst I still have blackheads, I don’t have the annoying one that poke out and are really gross. They are much better at the moment. those bright white things are nose fuzzies…

One cheek breakout free, even along my chin line!

One cheek breakout free, even along my chin line!

Someday I will do a makeup review so I can put my face on here not all scary looking....

Someday I will do a makeup review so I can put my face on here not all scary looking….

It’s been a whole week of Prosonic Glow, and I’m more than happy with the results. 1- I work on the computer a lot, more than any person should, and so I do more than my share of my hands propping up my head whether on my chin, cheek, forehead, or whatever creative place I put them to avoid clogging my pores where I did earlier. I just can’t help it. Since my prior zits cleared up, I haven’t had a one, which is unheard of for me. Are all my blackheads gone? No, but they actually look much better around my nose and forehead.  Do I look 20 again? Not so much, but I can’t help but to keep feeling my face because it is seriously soft. I might look 20 by the end of next week 😉  Right now I am in super dry climate, and this has made it so my skin isn’t all patchy and gross when I put on foundation. My skin is behaving, which is fantastic. Also, I haven’t even had to do ONE recharge. I use it morning and night for about 4 minutes, and it’s still going strong.

I guess I should hit the other stuff too. The sensitive brush is great. I tried it (which they also have a new click on system for the heads…very easy) but I’m good with the plain old normal brush. In the shower, I also tried to the body setting and brush head. Honestly? It works pretty good, but my loofah is so much faster, and while it might not do as fabulous of a job, I’m usually in a hurry in the shower, so time is precious. I do like to use it on my neck and upper chest area, and the shower usable feature on this allows that. The face cleaner is fresh smelling, and works well. I have used it, as well as foaming face wash, and even cleansing oils-and the Prosonic was up to the task on all. I’m not sure if it was my skin itself or if the formula changed on the exfoliating scrub (microdermabrasion type) but it felt to be more effective than my regular exfoliators. That could just be that I haven’t used theirs in a long time. It worked magically. Lastly, is the pumice. Eh. So SO. I’m not a huge pumice . It says it’s for dry, rough skin, which I’m not sure is supposed to be like your knees, feet, or what, but it just didn’t really seem practical. On the feet wasn’t so effective, because I don’t know about you, but when I pumice, I pumice with a mission, so the amount of pressure (not powersanding pressure) bogs the Prosonic motor down. It might be good if you used it every day to lightly go around the feet, and eventually you would have nice feet every day, but since it’s not flip flop season right now, my feet are somewhat lacking in roughness. I’ll give it a go come spring.

Some other things that are very important here to assuage your fears of exploding wands and tools, the Prosonic  parts and manufacturing has been upgraded and changed. Some of the parts are even produced by Samsung, which is a reputable brand you will recognize. (now if they could just make this dang screen on my s4 invincible, I would really appreciate that). Recently, I have been doing a lot of manufacturing research on a project I’m working on, and have a better appreciation for when things can go bad. Make Me Heal recognized there was an issue and worked to eradicate the problem. The new Prosonic Glow is almost nothing (component or manufacturing wise) of its predecessor. Additionally, the assembly of the product was previously done in China, which is ok, but now they are currently assembled in the good old U.S. of A, which has more stringent requirements.

The bottom line here? I loved my Prosonic, and had no issues previously. But I really, really, enjoy my Prosonic Glow so much more. It feels better, it cleans better, and I’m happy to be able to say go forward and buy one without worry. It’s still WAAAAAAY cheaper than the Clarisonic,  at 99.00 on their website with all the goodies, and no, I don’t make commission on your purchase. I’m just glad the second version has so many changes and redesigns that you will love! PS. It comes in White, Lavender, Pink, and Red.

Oh and PPSS, to avoid water all over the mirror and flung everywhere, when you are done, just tap the brush head a few times on a towel. That gets most of your water off.

You can see more info on it at

Thank you Ariel at Make Me Heal for the Prosonic Glow. Love it!

Also, below is a direct copy/paste breakdown of the upgrades and changes. Most of them I touched on, but a few I did not.

Manufacturing Improvements:

Highest Quality Components:  Since the last ProSonic version, we have changed some of the part suppliers and now have the critical parts that are responsible for the key functions of the device all made from leading manufacturers including Samsung.  This has eliminated the quality issues that were reported by certain users.

Factory Upgraded to meet ISO Certification:  We have upgraded our factory and have undergone a compliance process with the highest ISO manufacturing standard (International Organization for Standardization).  As a result, the quality of the product is drastically improved. The ISO Certification is pending for the factory we are using.

Assembly: The new ProSonic is 100% assembled in USA, whereas before it was assembled in China.  This allows far greater control and oversight by our staff over the quality of the final product.  We conduct stress tests and quality assurance tests at the final assembly phase in our United States facility, thus eliminating any defective units or problems in this process.

New Features:

  • Faster Speeds with More Powerful Motor: Due to the upgrade of the motor’s power, the speeds on the ProSonic 2 are much faster than the previous version, leading to more effective cleansing and superior results.
  • Battery Lifespan Increased with Over/Undercharge Protection: The battery supplier has been changed and the battery life is far longer than before.  In tests, our new ProSonic 2 lasts without a need for a charge for at least 2 times longer than the leading competitors.  We have added an over and undercharge protection to ensure the battery’s life is protected which eliminates an issue that was there in the previous version for certain users.
  • Automatic Shut-Off:  We have created a new automatic shut-off feature to prevent battery drainage if the device is accidentally turned or left on, so that the device shuts off after 8 minutes of continuous use.
  • Pulsating & Vibrating Technology versus Rotary/Spinning:  Our new ProSonic 2 is based on a new patented technology that was absent in the last ProSonic version in that it is sonic with multi-directional Pulsation & Vibration, leading the skin to be squeezed, moved, pushed, and twisted.  The effect of this is deep cleansing and exfoliation and penetration into the deeper skin layers. Most of the brushes sold on the market, with the exception of Clarisonic, are spinning brushes working on an old-tech rotary technology that offer inferior cleansing due to the fact that the bristles spin without actually squeezing and moving the skin so that the deeper skin impurities are not removed.  The ProSonic 2, unlike the previous version, is based on the best-of-breed technology.
  • Cleansing Brush Head Change:  The cleansing brush head has a concave shape (as opposed to a flat head with other brushes) which is a new feature not found in other devices.  This leads to improved cleansing around the contours of the face.
  • Body Brush Bigger:  The body brush head of the ProSonic 2 is now 35% bigger than the previous version to allow for coverage of larger surface areas.
  • New Bonus Pumice Stone Brush Head:  The new ProSonic 2 includes a Pumice stone brush head for treating dry skin areas (i.e. elbows, feet).
  • Memory Speed Function: For user convenience, there is a new memory function that enables the device to start up with the last cleansing speed that the user had it on.  This eliminates the need to switch speeds to get to the desired speed.
  • Sound Feature:  The new ProSonic 2 has a sound feature that is activated when the device is turned on or off, or when the speed of the device is changed.
  • Charging Light Indicator:  To improve the user experience, a feature change has been made to have the charging light blink until the device is fully charged.  Once charged, the light stops blinking and turns steady.



First: I still love my Prosonic. Am I a little wary each time I use it? Yes. However I think my own personal one will be fine. I have been using my replacement now for 6 months so I think I am in the clear. HOWEVER, because of the responses I have received from people who have had major issues with their Prosonics, I feel semi-responsible to highlight that problem. When I got my original replaced, I was told it was a bad batch and that they had supposedly fixed the problem, however it seems that in January there were more bad batches and instead of doing a recall (which I’m guessing is for financial reasons) they are just letting them explode on some people. That I am not ok with. So if you do have a Prosonic, find out which batch yours is out of to confirm if it is safe to use, and if you are looking to buy a new one, call to confirm if they have corrected the issue. Like I said, I still use mine and have had no issues since my replacement, but I can’t, say please go out and buy one or continue using yours without including this statement: Please use Prosonic at your own risk. My rating does not change, because like I have said previously, this is based off of my own personal experience. Thank you to everyone who has included their experiences, to provide some insight into the negative possibilities of this product in order to give a more rounded thought to anyone reading this blog.

Original Post:

So all the beauty rage is these cleansing and exfoliating brushes. They are all over the board in price and so with my angry skin, I opted to try one of the “middle of the road” priced ones…with the added benefit of Groupon. I’m not saying I am cheap, but I suffer extreme guilt when I spend money on “frivolous” things, so ya know.

When I saw this on Groupon last year, I was so estatic, because I had wanted one of these types of cleaners, but couldn’t justify a few hundred dollars if I could achieve similar results exfoliating every couple days. The groupon price was $59 and it came with an exfoliating polish and cleaner, as well as an extra head for “body use”. The Prosonic also boasts 4 different settings, which seemed like a great idea. So I took the plunge to see if these cleaners are truly what everyone in the beauty world is raving about.

I waited with breathless anticipation for my new brush to arrive. Groupon gives you an estimate, and I didn’t get mine until about 2 weeks after their already long deadline. It was ok, I got a fabulous deal, and can understand having a massive rush of orders, not normally accustomed to, taking a bit of additional time. Eagerly I pulled the brush out of the box and poured over the directions. Simple. Set the brush in the cradle, let it charge, and gently make circular motions all over your face. Fortunately, mine had enough charge to use before I had to charge it, which was much appreciated, being as I was like a kid wanting to play with my new RC car (I hated having to wait for that damn thing to charge 8 hrs)

Setting 1 is for gentle cleaning, Setting 2 general cleaning, Setting 3 exfoliation, Setting 4 body

I used setting 2 because I don’t have sensitive skin, and after I completed my first use, I was immediately impressed. Granted I wasn’t radiating like an angel, my skin felt so much better and it wasn’t harsh like the abrasive scrubs that I used previously. I didn’t even use good face wash, just the cheap crap from Walmart. I couldn’t stop touching my face! It felt softer, smoother, and even with the acne I was facing, there was a significant immediate difference. The test however would be the long term. Supposedly these brushes are supposed to clean better than just your hands or wash cloth. They claim to help diminish fine lines, and allow your other beauty products to absorb and function better. Of course acne and blackheads are supposed to diminish. So let’s see…

After a week of use, I did notice that my acne was less, not gone, but less. I still had blackheads, and my skin looked generally better. Makeup (when I did wear it) went on smoother. When using the exfoliating cleaners it was an extra treat as my skin felt completely refreshed. After a month of use, my acne still came and went hormonally, but it was significantly less during my hormonal monthly outbreaks. I did not see any blackhead improvement, or fine line lessening. However, I was still incredibly happy with the results. It was a mucho improvement over my normal routine.

Of course, I can’t leave out the body setting/brush. I suffer from Ketosis Pillaris, which is where the body overproduces keratin and you get these annoying bumps on your skin. I have it EVERYWHERE, and have always been incredibly self conscious about it. Not that I had high hopes that this brush would be my new savior, I reserved some. The body aspect of this brush was disappointing, and I’m pretty sure it would be for any brush. 1- the size of the head is so small, the time it takes to run over my body in a thorough manner is longer than I have hot water and exceedingly tedious. 2-what is it going to do that a loofah can’t? I really wanted to love the body setting and brush, but it just didn’t do anything for me and I haven’t used it past the first week.

This is one of the first reviews where I have dealt with customer service. If you google “Prosonic not working”, you might find a series of negative reviews and such, so when my Prosonic broke after the first 3 months, I felt that I was just going to be out, and was disappointed. First, it was difficult to find the Prosonic’s website. It was a little confusing (since then they are up higher in the rankings, so they show up on the first results page) I crossed my fingers and sent an email (this was now 8 months after my purchase) I mentioned how it seemed like other people had issues with the Groupon batch, and how I felt maybe we just got sold the overstock, or a tweaky batch, and what I should do. Shockingly, I got a response quickly and very friendly. She asked for my Groupon number, which I provided, as well as my shipping address. She told me that they were working with the manufacturer as they had an issue with the charging internals and hopefully had it fixed. So, essentially, keep my charger and they would send me a new wand. I didn’t have to pay for shipping/return my broken unit, etc. Hope peeked through the clouds, except I had heard from others that they were very friendly and said they would send new units, but never did. BUT, 2.5  weeks later a new wand, with a new brush head showed up and it worked like a charm.

Overall, I am very happy with this product. It is not a miracle in that I look 20 years younger. I wasn’t looking for a body scrubber, so that aspect of it does not bother me. The customer service was friendly, helpful, and did produce a more than acceptable solution. My skin looks better, my makeup goes on smoother, and while I am not flawless, the brush does its job and can’t change my hormonal issues, nor can it make me stop resting my cheek/chin on my hand. I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to spend 300 bucks for the Clarisonic, but wants a better job than the drug store brushes. AND NOW…they have fun colored ones, which is exciting, because as nice as my white one is, I love color…so I will probably be getting one soon!

Pros: Middle of the road pricing, cleans great, good customer service, heads are less expensive to replace, makeup goes on better, skin is smoother, beauty products seem to work better, less breakouts, battery lasts a long time between charges, multiple settings for those with gentler skin and for exfoliating, you can use less facewash, now in colors, waterproof

Cons: More expensive than drugstore cleaners, You have to replace heads (required by all units, but it’s just another thing to buy), website is a little more confusing than similar product sites, did have an issue with breakage and I am not sure if this is rectified, Body brush was letdown

Rating 9.5/10

**4/8/2013** After More complaints about exploding versions of this product I am going to say that until resolution from the company is made with fixing the problem, I would not reccomment purchasing this product. While I have had nothing but a great experience, and I am sure there are others because more than 38 people have purchased these (the current number of reviews on AMAZON) , but when a product has more than a couple explosions, I can’t put myself out there and say go buy it. I will email the company today and see if they can provide me with any insight. Also anyone who has had issues with these, please let me know when you purchased yours. That might be part of the issue too. Thanks readers!

NEW RATING: 8.5/10

In light of the comment below, I am going to deduct a point off the rating, because eventhough I have had a wonderful experience with my product, and no qualms with my circumstances, there are complaints about the product from others and that can’t be ignored. I can’t take away too much, because it is my true experience with the product and company.

If you would like to check out these brushes and all the other various products they deal with, here is the link below!


46 responses to “Prosonic (not Clarisonic) Cleansing and Exfoliating Brush- USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

  1. Cheryl B says:

    My prosonic just exploxed in my face and now I can’t hear out of one ear. That’s better than being blinded though. Google “prosonic exploded” and you’ll see that this is a real problem and a dangerous product.

    • fundiculous says:

      That’s terrible! I had heard some bad reviews on the product, but was writing on my personal experience. I only found 2 examples of exploding Prosonics, which is awful, but I know they had some manufacturing issues that they were trying to work out and supposedly have corrected. I still love mine and will continue to use it, as perhaps, I am a luckier one. I didn’t have the customer service issues, and my new one has been working for quite some time now. But I will put your comment on here, because I think people need to see the whole picture as well, including negative. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Mark says:

    My Prosonic EXPLODED in my hand 2 days ago as well… it shot sparks and parts at my face and enough smoke that I thought my smoke alarm would go off. Thankfully, I have no injury other than my ears are still ringing. It was as LOUD as a gunshot, but right in my ear because I was using it on my face! There are at least 5 other reviews on with similar results. These are VERY dangerous, and I am just lucky that I didn’t lose an eye. I highly recommend you unplug yours and never use it again! I’m seeing my ENT tomorrow to assess the state of my hearing damage…

    • fundiculous says:

      !!! Can you tell me when you purchased yours? Like i told the user before you I have absolutely no problem putting your comments on here because I think people should see this side, and yes there are now more cases of exploding ones, which is very scary. I still have had no issues with mine but again it could be I got extremely lucky. I was told that the manufacturer made some changes and that the bugs should have been worked out (which is why I am asking about the date of purchase) I plan to make some notes to my post because I don’t want to support a product that has this type of flaw, unless it is really taken are of. (Cars have recalls, as to strollers, windows, foods, etc) Thank you for taking the time to note your experience on here. I hope your hearing is ok. Thank you!

      • Mark says:

        I bought mine early January 2013. I’ll look up the lot or serial number if there is one and you want it.

      • fundiculous says:

        Yes please! That is definitely after I was told there were changes. I just emailed them for an answer. Who knows where that will go, but if they aren’t careful, class action lawsuits aren’t too difficult to start.

      • Mark says:

        I checked. No lot or serial numbers… Not even on the box.

      • fundiculous says:

        That figures. Thanks for looking. I have to call them, as I was provided a number to contact for additional information. Will post my findings after that!

  3. danielle says:

    mine also exploded! they are dangerous! my ear has has also been in pain and ringing ever since! i think it is disgusting that they have not recalled this product! i’m considering building a case against them.

    • fundiculous says:

      I still haven’t gotten to speak with Make Me Heal about it. They called me back several times, but I have been so backlogged with our business I haven’t been able to get anywhere. Monday I will make sure to call. I just want to know what the deal is before I make any statement, and if they can’t fix their problem, I would like to just pull my review. Thanks for taking the time to reply and add your thoughts!

  4. Caroline says:

    Who did you contact when you emailed Prosonic? I cannot find an email address

    • fundiculous says: is the link where I did my online submission, however the email address that responded and that I have responded to, is

      • Mark says:

        The Prosonic representative is Aimee Perl, 516-482-4466. She has been very kind and helpful so far. But, she is now passing me off to a company lawyer because we intend to bring a lawsuit. I have been diagnosed with tinnitus and my wife’s ear still hurts. She sees an ENT next week.
        Aimee said the company had “bad batch” from production in January, but refuse to recall them because they sold so many. I am worried that many more may also be injured as a result. This is gross negligence.

      • fundiculous says:

        I am at least glad that they have been decent to deal with, and completely agree with the situation of bad products, because realistically, I was told I had my original one from a bad batch, which was supposedly fixed. The post will be updated immediately and issued a warning. Additionally, if you are seeking legal advice, you only need a couple people for class action, and if that is the route you seek, I think there are enough even on this posting replies. Let me know, and please keep me updated. That is awful the extent of damage, and truly terrifying.

  5. Denise Pohlmann says:

    Mine exploded today. Same thing, used it for about 3 weeks loving it. Today about 30seconds in it exploded,blowing the rubber covering off the on / off and power level switches. My ear in still ringing 10 hours later…. It’s not safe.

    • Courtney says:

      Mine did the same thing! It’s been almost 8 moths and I have permanent hearing loss and ringing in my ears!

  6. Anon says:

    This is definitely an issue, i can confirm there are 121 cases where people are receiving refunds, clarisonics or a replacement. 120 too many if you ask me, they deserve whatever becomes of this.

    • fundiculous says:

      Thanks for the stats and the update on the product. I agree if there is a product issue, the company does need to make it right regardless of the circumstances.

  7. Daniella Velasquez says:

    My brush didn’t explode but a few days ago I noticed that my brush was making a loud buzzing noise (yes it already makes a buzzing noise but its more of a vibration) and today it just stopped working. I thought the battery was just dead so I charged it all day, 11am-11pm….. I tried turning it on today and it didn’t turn on. The light was blinking when it was being charged and its as if it wasn’t charging the entire time! I got the Prosonic as a Christmas gift, so I don’t know if it was part of the “bad batch”. My boyfriend bought it for me from Ulta, this totally sucks because it really is an amazing product. At least I fortunate enough that it didn’t explode like the other ones.

    • fundiculous says:

      Yes indeed! I’m glad you at least loved yours before it went defunct! It’s very frustrating, because I am still using mine daily with no issue, and hate that there was a bad batch (or so) because I really love mine, and want other people to enjoy, but man….exploding facial wands isn’t really in my realm of things to do. Thanks for the thoughts! If you want to try another one, they will probably send you another (again at your own risk) because that is very similar to what mine did…I didn’t get the buzz, but it just died. Good luck and thanks again!

  8. Gabriela Kennedy says:

    I got my Prosonic last December I used two months and, now is not working, I charged for 12 hours, but light was still blinking, now is not working at all, Do U think I can get a replacement, my husband bought it as a X’mas gift, Could U please let me know the steps that I should take.

    • fundiculous says:

      Gabriela Kennedy and Ej Rubin- I didn’t use any particular return method per se, but here is the link that I used to start the process , I just filled out the question, explained the circumstance and they got back to me pretty quickly. From there they might have you call on the phone or they might just deal with your via email. I would think both of you have valid claims for a replacement, but I am not a Make Me Heal rep, so I am not entirely aware of their policies. Give it a shot though and let me know how it comes through!

      • Ej rubin says:

        Great news! I followed your suggestion and emailed MMH, and heard back from them very quickly…they will replace my unit when new and improved model comes out! Thanks so much for your help!

  9. Ej rubin says:

    My prosonic died….I used it only a few times! Is there an exchange / refund program with make me heal? I bought it on a groupon deal.

  10. Courtney says:

    I had my brush explode on me as well! I bought mine in December off of Groupon and it lasted about 3 weeks until it exploded. I have hearing loss and permanent ringing in my ears because of it!

  11. couldhavebeencustomer says:

    This company needs a really big law suit! Not recalling or at least attempting to warn people that this may happen is criminal at the very least. I was shopping for this product because a friend had one that she purchased a few years ago and highly recommended. Apparently the company “went cheap” and had the more recent stock made elsewhere. Now I have second thoughts. Does anyone know about the Clarisonic MIA–is it similar and NOT from the same company??

  12. Marcia Vincent says:

    I ordered mine in April 2012 with groupon. Has anyone had an explosion from one of those? I have four from then. One has stopped working that I gave my granddaughter. This article makes me afraid to use them.

  13. Aimee says:

    I ordered my ProSonic from a Groupon December 2012. It did not explode on me thankfully but it did just stop working after 3 months. I sent them an email and they said they were coming out with a ProSonic II that would fix all of the glitches the first one had and that they would send that to me free of charge as soon as it came out. Well that sounded great and all except that it took them 5 months to send it to me! And then once I got it, the brush broke off within 2 weeks and it was not fixable. I emailed them again and told them I wanted a refund so they sent me a return label to send it back. We will see how long it takes me to get my money back for it. What a piece of junk. I ended up buying a Clarisonic MIA about a week ago instead and so far I love it. I keep searching to see if there is a class action lawsuit on the ProSonic as well but so far no luck.

  14. SpaSkin says:

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  15. angela says:

    My prosonic recently stopped working. . It’s been less than a yr and the light shows that it’s charged but when I push the power button, it just blinks rapidly and doesn’t function. I was just wondering if you’ve heard of anyone else with that problem. Obviously I will be contacting the company but I’m just a little hesitant BC I didn’t buy directly from the actual company.

    • fundiculous says:

      Again, as I have said to other posters, sorry for the delay. working on projects that have taken me from here. I haven’t heard anything like that, and if you did contact the company let me know how it went! Hopefully it worked out for you! Oh and was it the original model or the new one?

  16. Lynette Roth says:

    I have had one for at least three years. It still works, but doesn’t hold a charge for very long (only a couple days instead of a couple of weeks like it used to). I love it and have had no other issues. I want a new one, but I am a little skeptical after the other posts.

    • fundiculous says:

      I am just getting back to blogging again, but 3 years I don’t think is too bad. I’m glad your first one worked out. I love my glow, and the other posts are mostly in regards to the older model. Let us know what you go with and what your experience is! Thanks!

  17. Ej rubin says:

    Got the new Prosonic and forgot about it until yesterday. Let it charge and just tried using it….it made weird noises and a piece fell out from under the brush. What a waste of $.

  18. Christi says:

    Oh dear, after reading this entire ‘blog’ on prosonic I am thinking to return my newly purchased ‘prosonic glow’.. Purchased off of hsn. Has anyone compared the clatisonic to the new prosonic glow? Where do I purchase replacement brushes. …

    • Christi says:

      Oops clarisonic

    • fundiculous says:

      I am sure there are other bloggers that have reviewed both. Personally, I am happy with my Prosonic Glow, so I haven’t ventured to get a Clarisonic. The replacement brushes are available on the website. Or just watch Living Social, or Groupon (I think it’s Living Social) as they are often on there for a discounted price. Not trying to sell here, but the original Prosonics did have some issues, however I have not gotten anyone emailing me about complaints with the Glow. Mine has been flawless, but to each their own! Good luck with your decision!

  19. Victor says:

    Is there a way i could buy just the charger pod?

  20. Sherry j says:

    I love my pro sonic glow. Just looked at replacement brushes (I only use the normal brush) and the price is ridiculous!

    • fundiculous says:

      Sherry, I haven’t looked at replacement brushes lately, but watch on Living Social and Groupon. They used to run promos on there fairly often….Good luck. I’m actually in need of replacements, so I guess I’m going to be in the same boat!

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